Part of The Centre for Better Health, Better Health Products Ltd was initially set up as a sheltered workshop in April 1972, with the aim of providing structured activity for its members and supporting the development of skills for individuals who experienced severe and enduring mental health problems.

Today Better Health Products Ltd is a Social Enterprise largely run by volunteers who are former service users. It offers work placements of up to one year consisting of on the job training, peer-to-peer training, team work and social support, as well as informal and possibilities of accredited learning. The aim is for individuals to gain confidence, develop of new skills and move closer to the labour market; moving on to training and education, volunteer roles or open employment.

Trainee Placements in Better Health Products Ltd

Better Health Products Ltd is a leading provider of Platilon products to the healthcare industry. These products include protection covers, immobilisation & positioning cushions and vacuum casting bags.

This area offers technical skills to be develop through training in the manufacturing of Platilon products. Most of the training will be on the job training include processing orders, manufacturing and dispatching and stock control. Theoretical training will also include quality standards, health and safety and stock control. We train our service users in all areas of the business while maintaining high quality standards according the ISO 9001.