Better Health Products Ltd is a social enterprise based in Haggerston, East London.

A part of Hackney’s oldest independent mental health charity, The Centre for Better Health, we have never wavered from our commitment to support individuals recovering from mental ill-health. No bells and whistles here, just honest, friendly, fun human beings dedicated to creating a supportive environment whilst delivering products and services to our valued customers.

As a social enterprise, we provide work skills training placements for those who have been distanced from employment due to mental ill-health, while making and providing quality products and services for the local community. Our aim is to make the businesses commercially viable in order to develop the charity’s work.

We work with an inclusive ethos, recognising that a healthy community is one in which individuals lead satisfying, hopeful lives with no stigma around mental ill health. We offer 12 week trainee placements aimed at teaching the skills needed to help individuals to enter the workplace. You can read more about our trainee placements here.