better health bedding protection

Because of its resistance to a range of fluids and its vapour permeability, better health bedding protection made with Platilon®U is chosen for use by many institutions as well as by individuals for use in the home. It is also easily cleaned with a damp cloth.Further to the above characteristics, Platilon®U has hypoallergenic and microbe resistant qualities making it the ideal material to ensure the comfort of the user.

better health mattress covers

Better health mattress covers are available to fit single or double mattresses. They can be supplied in sleeve style completely covering the mattress, or fitted style which reduces movement in the cover during sleep. The covers are made with 60 µ Platilon® U. We can provide mattress covers to your particular requirements.

better health pillowcases

Better health pillowcases are available in 60 µ Platilon® U to fit standard pillows. We can also provide customised sizes.

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