better health vet positioning cushions

Vet positioning cushions are an economical and practical way to position patients during an intervention. The polystyrene beads form a firm but comfortable patient support and the TPU film used to contain the beads is known for its durability and puncture resistance.

When air is extracted from the  cushion, the tiny polystyrene beads form a precise mould of the area of the patient’s body to be immobilised. This versatile system is reusable after the patient treatment cycle is complete. Repositioning during simulation or treatment can be easily made in minutes by re-inflating the cushion, re-positioning the patient and then extracting the air from the cushion.

The TPU film Platilon®U chosen for the manufacture of vet  positioning cushions is extremely thin, only 0.08mm, creating a very tight contour of the patient’s body and thereby ensuring the patient’s position is firmly held. Although the TPU film is fine, it is very strong and maintains its durability during the unpredictability of day-to-day handling.

Better Health Products Ltd‘s long lasting vet positioning cushions are fitted with quick serve taps and polystyrene beads. Hand pumps and cleaning fluids can also be supplied.